Tips to Save on Fuel

Are you panicking when your fuel light comes on? With the cost per gallon of gas rising at such a rapid rate, it's important to consider how to save some money at the pump

Tip 1: Check your Tire Pressure

Believe it or not, tire pressure has a larger impact on your fuel economy than you may think. Under inflated tires can create more friction which negatively affects a vehicles efficiency.

Tip 2: Reduce Idle Time

When you break down what MPG is, its the average miles you can travel on a Gallon of fuel. If you spend any more than a few minutes idling, you'll be consuming fuel but traveling no where! In the warmer months, consider turning your car off and cracking the windows!

Tip 3: Be Mindful of Acceleration

Without even being aware of it, poor and inefficient driving can become a habit. Some vehicles are equipped with acceleration monitors like Toyota, Volkswagen, and Nissan. You would be surprised how far you can coast, for example, before an anticipated stop.

Tip 4: Shop Economic Cars

If you were getting by with your gas guzzler before, you're definitely feeling the weight of it now! If your lifestyle doesn't demand a heavy duty SUV or truck now is the time to evaluate trading and Shop Economic Cars.