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Budget Cars. We get it. To some a car is just a faster way of getting to work, school, or wherever! 

For you, our website caters to the budget-minded in our Bargain Inventory, ranging from $4,000 to $15,000.

In this category you'll find a plethora of value! With Twin City Certified being a part of the Twin City Dealerships, we have access to over 600 used cars and 100 +- vehicles under fifteen thousand dollars! 

Taking a look through these you'll find cars, trucks and SUVs to fit the budget.

If you're shopping for utility, Shop Trucks.

If you're shopping for economy, Shop Cars.

If you're shopping for seating capacity or something roomy, Shop SUVs.

As always, whether you're shopping on a budget or you're looking for that dream vehicle, Twin City Certified is the dealership "Making Auto-Buying Quick, Easy, and We Have Fun Doing It"!