Vehicle Service Contracts


If you're shopping for a used car, congratulations! You can save thousands of dollars by purchasing a pre-owned car. There is a trade-off, though. Although used car prices are thousands less, your prospective car has already begun, or perhaps exhausted its factory warranty. 

Most manufactures include a 2-Fold Warranty. The 1st part will cover nearly every component of the vehicle, excluding wearable items (tires, brake pads, wipes etc). The 2nd part covers exclusively your "Powertrain". This consists of the Engine, Transmission, Axles and if equipped, Transfer Case and 4wd.

Be mindful of how much factory warranty remains on your prospective purchase. If there are several years of warranty remaining and you plan to own the vehicle only within this period, great! If the vehicle is still under warranty, but with limited time remaining, we have some suggestions for how to ensure your ownership remains both enjoyable and, most importantly, affordable!

We offer Vehicle Service Contracts for nearly every Pre-Owned vehicle we offer for sale. Each VSC varies in coverage, time, miles and cost. There are 3 main coverage levels:

  • Powertrainoffers protection against covered mechanical breakdowns of the engine, transmission, and drive axle. Certain restrictions, limitations and/or exclusions may apply.*
  • Gold offers all of the same features of Powertrain with the following additional coverage - Brakes, Steering, Air Conditioning, Front/Rear Suspension, Electrical, and Hybrid/Plug-In Hybrid Components. 
  • PlatinumIn addition to offering the same features of Powertrain and Gold, Platinum expands to cover many assemblies of your vehicle, giving you the "Ultimate Peace of Mind" protection. Certain restrictions, limitations and/or exclusions may apply.*